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Weight Loss Clinics: Start Your Journey to A Healthier Happier You


Obesity is a serious issue that implicates a person’s body weight is far too high than what is healthy for him. It increases the risk of chronic diseases like cancer, cirrhosis, stroke, heart disease, and diabetes. You need to address this issue on time because if you ignore it, you may have to face serious health complications that can prove life-threatening. Let’s discuss the stepwise process that should follow to keep your body weight in check and reduce the extra calories.  

First step – Check with the top weight Loss Clinic: 

The first step is to check your body weight and calculate your BMI. You should know your exact body weight to set your goal for ideal body weight. Then you have to find the best weight loss clinic across your city. As I live in California, I have to check with the top California weight clinic where I can book a consultation with the top medical practitioner for obesity issues. These clinics are the perfect destination for people who fail to achieve their goals with dieting and exercise. In addition, these clinics are equipped with all the latest technology tools and machines that are used for the weight loss services offered by them.

Second Step – Follow the routine Check-up: 

When you shall book a consultation with the best weight loss specialist in your city. He/she shall ask you for all your previous medical records, and order some particular blood tests. And examine you physically. This will help the doctor to draft a specific treatment program for you. If you are a little overweight, then you will be given some easy-to-follow tips to keep the weight. On the other hand, if you have gained a lot of weight and there is no chance that you are going to reduce it with only a few exercises or a diet plan – then surgery is the only option left.

Third Step – Choose the best surgical option:

Choosing the best surgical option means you have to prepare yourself to reduce the size of your stomach and change the way you eat and drink. Three main options are available to people with extra body weight – Gastric bypass, Gastric banding, and sleeve gastrectomy. When the doctor is saying gastric bypass. It means that he would staple the major part of your stomach leaving a small pouch to adjust the meal you take. The bypass is down by making a small incision in the pouch and connecting a small intestine to it to reduce calorie absorption. The next is gastric banding which includes placing a band on the stomach to divide it into two parts. Again, the size of the stomach is reduced to make sure that the person feels full just after taking a few spoons of his meal.

The third one is the sleeve gastrectomy in which the major portion of the stomach is removed and a banana-shaped pouch is left behind. The person shall eat less and burn the fat accumulated in his body for extra energy.

Step Fourth – Postoperative measures to follow:

After the surgery, you have to take care of the post-operative measures and make sure that you do not miss any prescribed medicine during treatment. These measures include:

  • Take a liquid diet for a few days till your body adapts to the change
  • In case of vomit or fever, just call your doctor and let him know about issues
  • Take care of the incisions and keep a check in case you see an abscess or bleeding
  • Make the desired changes in your meal quantity and do not overeat
  • In case of constipation, call your doctor
  • Do not lift anything heavy or do hard work for at least a week


Step Fifth – Maintain a strict schedule with your diet:

After the surgery, you have to avoid binge eating, munching on whatever snack you find in your kitchen or fridge. Eating large meals, getting drunk, smoking, and eating junk food. You have to maintain your ideal body weight & in case you again start doing the same mistakes, it may cause you a lot of trouble. You have to be strict with yourself and always remember that your stomach is very small now & even if you put just a few extra spoons of your meal inside, it may turn worse.



Losing weight is not an easy task especially if you do not exercise or stop eating everything you crave for. So, when you decide to have surgery, the first thing that you do is to prepare your mind and body for the change. Only then you can see the results of these procedures & you can hope to achieve an ideal body weight goal. If you still don’t stay strict even after the surgery, there is no other way out of the situation. Your body shall fall prey to chronic diseases causing you to suffer a lot. You can die an untimely death just because you couldn’t control yourself and stay consistent with losing weight.

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