What are the features and benefits of solar power?

According to an internet survey conducted in 2021 by research Best Solar Panel company in Pakistan only 9.2% of the 10,042 responses had a solar power generation system installed, and only 9.2% of the respondents had installed a solar power generation system at home. I know I’m still in the minority.

Although we have an image of being “friendly to the earth” and “using solar panels to generate electricity,” it may not feel very realistic when installing it at home.

However, installing a solar power system has many advantages.

So this time, I will explain the advantages of solar power generation and the difference from other power generation methods in an easy-to-understand manner.

The Solar power?                                                                                            

Solar power is a method of generating electricity from the energy of light. The panel’s silicon semiconductors generate electricity when exposed to sunlight. Then, the induced current is sent to a box called a junction box connected to the solar panel.

A solar panel has several panels as one block, each with a pair of positive and negative wires. The number of cables increases in proportion to the number of blocks, but if the wires are connected in series with the unions, the generated power will be wasted, and the cables connecting the solar panels and junction boxes will also be extended. Not suitable for long-distance kayaşehir escort wiring.

However, if you have a junction box, you can combine the wires from each block into one set and connect them to the power conditioner. Then, by supplying power from the connection box to the power conditioner, it is possible to provide electricity to the storage battery and electricity meter through the distribution board.

The electricity generated by the solar panel from the sun’s light flows from the junction box to the power conditioner and distribution board like a relay, making it possible to use electricity.

Solar power has many advantages.                                                                                              

Since it is self-generated electricity that does not purchase electricity, you can save on electricity bills. In addition, even in recent years, when electricity bills tend to rise, you can use electricity at a low cost.

By simply using the generated electricity, there is the advantage of not being affected by soaring electricity bills while keeping electricity bills down.

Earn income by selling electricity                                                                                               

It is also possible to earn income by selling the generated electricity to the electric company. By the way, the selling price of electricity in 2022 is 30 Rs/kWh. It’s hard to imagine, so let’s do a simple simulation.

The amount of electricity sold is calculated by multiplying the amount generated by the unit price sold.

Seventeen thousand yen a year is a small amount. Indeed, due to the price drop of FIT (Feed-in Tariff), it is becoming difficult to work to make a profit as a business.

However, I would be happy to receive 3000 Rs at home without saving anything.

Electricity can be used even if there is a power outage                                                      

Even during a power outage, photovoltaic power generation can generate electricity as long as peripheral devices such as panels and distribution boards are not affected. Even if there is a power outage in the area, electricity can be used without problems, so it can be said that it is not affected by power outages.

In addition, if the power conditioner can be operated to switch to stand-alone operation, power can be supplied from an emergency outlet. It would be reassuring to have electricity available even in an earthquake, typhoon, or flood.

Make your home comfortable.                                                                                                

Solar panels are effective at blocking heat from the roof. In summer, the heat from the top tends to raise the room temperature, but the solar panels block the heat, making the inside of the house comfortable.

The installed solar panels also have the effect of preventing radiative cooling. The indoor temperature is less likely to escape from the room, so you can have a warm environment in winter.

Comparison with other power generation methods                                                           

In addition to solar power generation, there are various power generation methods, such as thermal power generation, hydroelectric power generation, and wind power generation. Let’s check each power generation method’s characteristics and CO2 emissions and know the difference from solar power generation.

Thermal power generation                                                                                                    

A typical power generation method is thermal power, which burns petroleum, coal, or natural gas to produce electricity. The heat generated by burning the fuel creates steam from the water, which turns the turbine connected to the generator and drives the generator.

Thermal power generation is characterized by the ability to generate large amounts of power and the flexibility to adjust the amount of energy generated. In Japan, more than 60% of electricity is generated by thermal power generation.

However, Solar energy in Pakistan in also has the disadvantage of causing global warming and depleting fuel resources because it emits greenhouse gases as it burns fuel.

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