What are the main factors that affect the average app development cost in 2022?

Mobile applications are an integral part of doing business in the modern world. In 2022, companies will be better equipped to create and use apps that are successful and meet their organizational goals. The future mobile app development will be fueled by mobile-friendly designs, quicker delivery times, and a focus on creating a seamless customer experience.

 Since mobile apps have become a focused goal for entrepreneurs, rising and aspiring businesses find it much more convenient to broadcast their services. Enterprises and organizations are availing of many benefits, including personalized services, product recommendations, customer retention, etc. And all these benefits result in high revenue down the line.

The benefits mentioned above state the importance of mobile apps for businesses. They also mention the importance of all businesses considering mobile app development because it’s more cost-effective than setting up a physical store or adding new staff members.

Mobile App Significance for Businesses:

With the growing number of mobile devices and app development, companies need to provide support to SMEs and enterprises to build their mobile apps.

The demand for app developers is growing due to the continuous introduction of new technology and digital transformation. 

As per some stats:

  • According to app sales statistics, mobile apps could generate more than $935 billion in revenue by 2023.
  • The cumulative average growth rate in the EdTech market with the help of mobile apps is expected to be 26% by 2024.
  • The global healthcare mobile application market was valued at USD 17.92 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 45.0% from 2020 to 2027.
  • And many more industries are experiencing a massive rise in revenue, customer retention, user engagement, etc.
  • After knowing the significance of the mobile app market and app development, you must be curious about the app development cost so that you can also be a revenue raiser in 2022.
  • There are some major app development cost-affecting factors that every entrepreneur should grasp effectively before making a new app for their business.

Mobile app development cost affecting factors in 2022:

The average cost of app development in 2022 will be determined by many factors such as the type of app, the complexity, the technology stack required, and even the KPIs that must be met with the project.

However, the average cost will not change significantly from today. The app development industry is booming, but many things will likely affect this growth rate, such as budget constraints.

Let’s know some significant factors that are affecting app development costs in 2022: 

Features of app & infrastructure:

Mobile app features are the main factor that helps users and app owners to sell and procure the services effectively. Mobile app development highly depends on what features or infrastructure a mobile app requires.

Typically, preparing some of the best features and including them in the scope of work will add value to the costing factor.

The cost will vary depending on the type of features you are adding to your app. 

Several App Screens:

Several app screens also play a vital role in considering the app development cost. Hence, creating wireframes before finalizing the app screens can give you an idea of app development costs. Hence, this is also the right way to analyze the app development cost related to the screens. Creating wireframes for apps before development can finalize not only the app development cost but also save app development time.  

App development complexity level:

When you are developing your application with fewer features and elements, it’ll eventually save you time, money, and effort. And when you are enriching your app with some complex features, logic, and integrations, it will vary your app development cost. Hence app development complexity level is the crucial factor that affects app development cost in 2022.

API integration:

The application programming interface carries language that enables the communication between digital products. Hence, if your app needs to communicate with software or other services, you can either build the APIs or use the third party.

And if you go with the API development, it affects the app development cost and increases cost likewise.

App Platforms:

There are two major platforms that people are using the most, i.e., Android & iOS. Entrepreneurs are developing apps for the two usually. Developing single applications for each of these platforms is called native app development, and developing a single app that can run on both platforms is termed cross-platform app development.

Deciding on the app development platform is also a costing factor as native app development costs higher than cross-platforms, but there would be a compromise in features and functionality.

Hence, the app development platform is vital in deciding app development costs. 


Regarding app responsiveness, app devices are a significant factor. App development for the devices like iPhones, Android, iPads, Wearable devices, etc., costs differently. Specifically, Android and iOS app development both carry different screen resolutions to render a smooth experience.

Designing & developing an app for various screen sizes varies the app development costs.

App Designing & Development:

App designing and development consists of various elements and efforts, all carrying different app development costs. Designing an app requires the efforts of designers, screen designs, and other efforts.

Like that, app development also carries resource allocations, team sizes, and other efforts affecting app development costs. 


Developing an app for your business in 2022 is a more intelligent choice than ever. Since the world has adopted digital media to accomplish most tasks, businesses are inclined to develop more applications. Hence, all the above factors are the cost-deciding factors that help app owners understand the development cost. To get more knowledge about the app development cost, one can consult with a top app development company that has years of experience in the same domain.

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