What does happiness have to do with education?

As a society, we often place emphasis on academic excellence, achievements, knowledge and skills when our primary goal should be the pursuit of happiness.

Maple Leaf Kingsley International School believes in creating a safe and happy environment where children feel confident to learn, grow and shine. Read more to find out how happiness translates into a child’s overall well-being and success.

Research shows that happiness plays a vital role in the motivation and well-being of school children. Happiness in children has often been linked to other benefits such as better health, better learning, higher emotional literacy and good behaviour. On the contrary, lack of happiness can be detrimental to the thinking skills, creativity, intelligence, academic performance and personality growth of the children.

The importance of happiness has not just been an important subject of inquiry, but a goal that has been recognised globally, becoming a part of the development and educational policies of various countries over the years.

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Having said that, a happy environment plays a major role in the wellbeing

success and achievements of children in school as well as life beyond. Happiness can be undermined by various internal and external factors. External factors such as inequality, discrimination and violence can create an unhappy society. On the other hand, internal factors such as poor learning experiences, insensitive educators or overemphasis on results and test scores can create unhappy schools.

“Children want the same things we want. To laugh, to be challenged, to be entertained, and delighted.” – Dr Suess

However, out of all the factors that influence happiness, school experience has the highest impact in shaping the lives of children to who they become in future. Considering the important link between happiness and education, UNESCO Bangkok came up with the Happy Schools Framework devised based on the survey conducted under the Happy Schools Project.

The criteria which make a happy school were broadly placed under three main categories: people, process and place.


 The relationships and interactions in the school community, positive attitude, skills and wellbeing of the teacher, the collaborative values and working conditions are some of the criteria that determine how happy a school environment is.

At Maple Leaf Kingsley International School, we produce well-rounded individuals who are curious about the world, thirsty for knowledge, happy and content, kind, resilient and have a good reflection of self. The school ensures that it stimulates these characteristics in the students through firm yet kind actions, building strong trust and giving genuine care.

Kingsley believes that by building these authentic connections, they not only make the students feel valued but

empower them from within and encourage them to go further.

This stems from their belief in empowering the teachers in a way that they serve as compassionate, creative,

inspiring, fair and happy role models of the students.


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 A school is a happy place to learn when teachers and children work together

as a team with a collaborative spirit.

Fun and creative teaching methods, useful and engaging learning experiences that empowers students and give

them a sense of accomplishment create an environment that makes a happy school community.

Maple Leaf Kingsley International School recognises that children learn by imitating those around them. Hence, it creates an enriching learning atmosphere where people are confident, engaged, innovative and respectful towards each other.

Teachers employ creative and engaging methods of teaching which builds enthusiasm and eagerness to learn.

Maple Leaf Kingsley International School also ensures that there is a good balance between study and play so

that students can develop skills that enable them to be confident, helping them explore their potential and place

in this world. Kingsley offers many clubs and societies for students to create, innovate, explore and discover their interests and passions.


 A secure and safe atmosphere free from bullying is a prime criterion to make the school a happy place. A good physical environment that includes open and green spaces to learn and play

spacious classrooms and activity areas along a warm and friendly atmosphere create an environment conducive to learning.

By combining a visionary curriculum, state-of-the-art facilities and an expansive environment to learn in, Kingsley can create an environment conducive to learning for students, teachers and parents to flourish.

The Maple Leaf Kingsley International School is located on expansive grounds with a lush landscape. Though space comes with a dedicated groundskeeper, we highly encourage our students to absorb the greenery and appreciate the environment.

Kingsley believes in cultivating leaders with strong values, good character and high achievements.

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Maple Leaf Kingsley International School recognises that education and learning experiences play a major role in promoting happiness and well-being in children. Kingsley is a place where children can feel free to learn, grow,

innovate and express themselves without the fear of making mistakes.

We ensure that Kingsley is a home away from home for our children

a place where they love to come back every day.

Kingsley is not just a school but an institution that instils, invests and imparts values

strong character and a love for learning that translates into success at school, university and life beyond.

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