What types of screws are available from Indian manufacturers

In our fast-paced life, filled with a plethora of technological wonders and marvelous infrastructures, underestimating the role of screws would be futile. 

However, when it comes to factors such as durability, finding screws built to regular industrial standards can be difficult.

Furthermore, with an extensive range of screws available on the internet, it can be cumbersome to find a reliable product portfolio.

This is what serves the purpose of writing this quick blog post, here you’ll get to uncover unique insights into the types of fasteners that you can get from screw manufacturers in India such as Ejot, which nobody else will provide.

The Best screw manufacturer in India for building and construction projects

EJOT, with an impressive 100 years of industrial experience, offers an array of screws for diverse building projects. In this subsection, we’ll discover the top screws employed in the construction industry by Ejot.

  • Self Drilling Screws

The self-drilling screws by EJOT offer simplicity far greater than other self-drilling screw manufacturers in India. Eradicating the multi-step labor process, these screws possess the ability to join components just in a single step.

Not only do they add an extra edge, but they’re a highly efficient tool for construction projects. You can get the installation done quickly which equals the reduction of drilling costs. 

Despite that fact, these self-drilling screws come in a stainless steel and zinc-plated variant which is a huge lifesaver for those working on construction projects in areas challenged by weather conditions.

Moreover, Ejot also offers an optional pre-assembled sealing washer with these screws which keeps all your anti-corrosion and self-tapping woes at bay. 

  • Facade screws

Unlike other self-drilling screw manufacturers in India, Ejot offers a separate line of variants in rear-ventilated facades. 

Hence, if you have facade screws then connecting aluminum wall brackets to aluminum support profiles is a piece of cake as they perfectly seal stainless steel. 

On the other hand, the facade screws at Ejot boast A4 stainless steel and also feature a tough drill point. 

  • Self-tapping screws

Although, there are numerous screw manufacturers in India who provide a variety of self-tapping screws. However, when it comes to Ejot, you can find a never-ending list of buyers having blind faith in the product’s quality.

Coming to the application of these screws, all that you need is a pre-drilled pilot hole to start forming the thread. They have sharp edges for creating a perfect thread, and their center bottom boasts a secret weapon: the dog point or rolled point, ready to address any construction requirement.

  • Window and glass facade screws

Windows and glass facade is other product category that has helped Ejot in dominating its competitor market. They possess widespread usage in the application of aluminum/steel fastening.

Not only do they provide notable advantages for window installation, but they also prove to be invaluable in the production of windows and the utilization of glass facades. These screws boast a range of benefits that go beyond their mere functionality, making them an essential component for any project involving windows or glass facades.

Types of screws for industrial and engineering projects

When it comes to industrial and engineering projects, Ejot offers multiple screws able to make all the difference in achieving success. 

From machine screws to wood screws, there are a variety of options available from screw manufacturers in India such as Ejot to suit every need of industrial projects. 

Let’s dig in to explore different types of screws for industrial and engineering projects.

  • Delta PT®P

The Delta PT®P by Ejot is another revolution in the day-to-day evolving screw technology. They are easily available in multiple dimensions to address the custom requirements of industrial and engineering projects 

Screw diameters as small as 2.5 mm make them extremely versatile for a wide range of applications. Additionally, these screws are incredibly lightweight, making them ideal for direct assembly into thermoplastics, and offer significant weight savings over steel screws.

They’re also recyclable, and their coefficient of expansion is adapted to plastic. 

  • Altracs® Plus

Unlike other self-drilling screw manufacturers in India, Ejot has never stopped garnering the attention of industry professionals. 

Thanks to its self-tapping screws like ALtracs® Plus for light metal that have helped manufacturing industry workers ditch those old-school heavy metal screws.

Despite its optimized thread geometry, it maintains consistently high strength values with smaller and shorter screws. 

Additionally, these screws offer high clamp loads and long-term stability under high dynamic and thermal stresses, making them the ideal choice for tough jobs. As well as, in case of repairs, a metric screw can be used, making maintenance a left-handed task. 

  • FDS®

The FDS® is a time-saving solution for efficient, one-sided accessibility! these screws offer high-quality, removable joints without any part preparations such as pre-drilling or punching. 

In the process of terminating tolerance problems with clearances or threaded holes, they do not consider material waste or swarf as a factor. These screws are suitable for use with various sheet surfaces, and their high loosening torque and vibration resistance make additional safety elements unnecessary. 

As a plus, repeat assemblies are possible with metric screws, which other screw manufacturers in India cannot provide. Thus, you can save time and effort while ensuring a strong, reliable joint.

  • Micro screws

Micro screws have become a game-changing solution for all DIY project enthusiasts who used to have challenges with thread-forming and direct fastening of even the smallest components! 

Generally, these fasteners come in diameter as small as 1 mm (even smaller on request), making them an ideal solution for any project requiring precision and reliability.

Furthermore, Ejot offers micro screws according to DIN/ISO and customer-specific requirements from 1 mm (with other options available on request). 

Coming to the best part, these screws offer the same features as larger screws, with even stress distribution and no need for additional inserts or add-ons. 

Gearing up with Ejot: The Best screw manufacturer in India

Ejot is the most experienced screw manufacturer in India, having reputation for its high-quality fasteners designed for industrial and construction purposes. 

With a wide range of fasteners, including self-drilling screws, Ejot has built a prestige for producing durable and long-lasting products that meet the demands of various industries. 

Whether you are in the construction or manufacturing sector, Ejot has the perfect fasteners to suit all your manufacturing and DIY project needs.

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