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What You Need to Know About Getting Verified on Instagram with Less than 500 Followers

What You Need to Know About Getting Verified on Instagram with Less than 500 Followers

The verified badge (the blue tick) on Instagram is something that all brands on the platform covet. It separates the authentic from the imitations, and is something that’s trusted by all Instagram users. Buy Instagram Followers account can’t simply buy verification. When it is verified (if it is verified at all) depends completely on the platform’s moderators.

A lot of things have been written and said particularly about Instagram accounts that have less than 500 followers. Most of them have mentioned that it’s next to impossible for such accounts to get Instagram verification from the platform’s moderators on a case-by-case basis. However, in this post, we’d like to tell you that it is possible for such accounts to get the precious blue tick. Sure, it isn’t easy, but if you put into practice the tips we’ll share with you here, you definitely stand a great chance.

However, before we delve deep into the tips to get a verified Insta account, let’s clear the air regarding the myths of verification on the platform.

Instagram verification myths

If you search on the internet regarding how to get your account verified on Instagram. You’re sure to stumble onto articles that mention one or more of the following:

  • You need to have millions of Instagram followers: The most common misconception surrounding Insta verification is that you need to be a big brand or celebrity with a popular Instagram account with millions of followers.
  • Daily content posting: This is a myth that’s common among all social media channels. Where brands and individuals are competing to make a living. While it may be true to some extent on YouTube, it doesn’t have any role to play when it comes to Instagram. You could post multiple times every day for several months straight and your Instagram page could still very well be without a blue tick.
  • Using popular hashtags: This is something you’ll find mentioned in almost every article. That claims to offer tips on how to get a verification. However, there’s simply no truth to this. Sure, using popular hashtags is a good way to make your Instagram page trend. But there aren’t any guarantees as far as verification is concerned.
  • Interacting with followers and collaborating with other brands: It’s a fact that interacting with followers and collaborating with others on the platform is a great way to grow your Buy Instagram Likes page. However, there’s no tangible evidence of these habits being any good for verification.

Getting verified on Instagram – the steps you should and need to take

At the end of the day, whether the moderators at Instagram verify your account or not depends completely on your luck. However, here are some actionable steps that you can start taking to increase the chances of your Insta page being verified.

Submit a verification request:

  • Instagram allows users to submit verification requests through the mobile app. The process is quite simple, and involves users going to the ‘Request Verification’ page by first going to Settings and then Account. To submit the request, you need to fill in a few details such as the full name. The name of your brand, the account type or category, and a government-issued ID photo. Again, this is the simplest step to take, but one that’s only meant for consideration. Ultimately, it’s down to whether the request is approved by the moderators.

Be active on parallel platforms as well:

  • If you’re concentrating all your social media efforts on Instagram. You’re doing yourself more harm than good. Instagram may be one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. But it’s not the only one that matters. For example, if you’re a musician, you can’t simply bank on Instagram. As it’s primarily a photo and short-form video based platform. Sure, IGTV offers users the option of uploading full-length videos. But its viewership pales in comparison to that of YouTube. So, based on your niche, pick a parallel platform. For instance, if your brand has anything to do with politics and news. You should start being active on Twitter. Once you’re verified on Twitter, the chances of getting an Instagram verified account page grow significantly.

Getting big on Insta first is a bad idea:

  •  Imagine this you have close to followers on Instagram, but no followers on any other social media channel. In such a scenario, your prominence on Instagram would make it unlikely for someone else with a similar name to be found ahead of you. This will, in all likelihood, reduce the chances of your page getting verified by moderators. Remember, the point of verifying the accounts is to help users find out authentic pages and not fall for cheap imitations. If you get big on another platform first and remain low-key on Insta. There will be more chances of an imitation page being set up in your brand’s name. If you request for a verification at this point, the moderators would be pushed towards approving the request.

Use Instar’s Media Partner Support feature:

  • This is an expensive step, but if you can afford it, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do it. Instar’s Media Partner Support feature involves a collaboration between digital agencies and publicists and Instagram. To make the most of this feature, you will have to hire a reputed digital agency to represent you. The verification request will be put forward to Instagram on behalf of you by the agency. The moderators at Instagram typically take up to 48 hours to reply to these requests. If you submit the request on your own, you’ll probably have to wait a long while before you hear back from the Instagram team. However, even the requests from digital agencies may be denied by moderators. So, once again, there are no guarantees whatsoever.

Make friends in the Instagram team:

  • This is easier said than done, but the truth is that if you know someone working at Instagram. You have a much higher chance of getting a verified account. There are multiple accounts on the internet where people have mentioned paying. Their friends who are Instagram employees to get their verifications. However in recent years many accounts have surfaced that have revealed the internal crackdown. That Instagram has launched to prevent employees from carrying out such favors for their friends. However, if you’re willing to take a chance, you might still find someone on the inside who’s willing to get your page verified for a premium.

The problem with paying for Insta verification

While paying digital agencies, publicists, and Insta employees definitely is an option you can consider for a verified Insta account. These things still carry some risks. The biggest of them all is that these companies and people don’t offer any sort of guarantee. There will be no paperwork even if these agencies make tall claims. If you pay them and still don’t have a verified account by the time. That was stated by them initially, chances are that you won’t get your money back.

Considering that you have to pay hundreds of dollars for these agencies to even consider submitting your request in the first place, this is a great financial risk. So, if you want to pay someone to verify your Insta account on your behalf. Consider all potential risks and benefits carefully before you part with your money. The ideal scenario would look something like this once you spend your money, don’t even think about it. So, all in all, you need to keep some money spare for this process to happen without a ton of stress.


So, we’ve almost reached the end of this article, and we hope that you found this helpful. In conclusion, we’d just like to remind you that instead of chasing the blue tick. It’s best to work on your brand and the social media aspect of it. You’ll find many theories and claims on the internet but all of them are either assumptions or myths. The truth is that Instagram’s policy prevents them from telling people. What exactly they’re measuring when deciding whether to verify an account or not. So, the truth is that no one really knows. However, the tips and steps we’ve mentioned have been statistically proven to be effective for many Instagrammers. So, put your best effort into your social media practices, and sooner or later your account will be verified by the moderators.

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