What’s Your Birthday Month, Flower?

Gift-giving is the norm at birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, get-togethers,  and traditional & international holidays! If not for a gift registry, with a lot of gifting to go around, it can be a challenge to pick gifts other than other guests would bring. However, it comes back to your connection with the recipient, as there are times when you would want to bend the rules and go with your own choice. It will work in your favour if you know just the right gifts to pick that the host or person you are celebrating would like to receive. Thanks to the convenience of online shops offering personalised gifts and flower delivery to Ahmedabad, you do not have to break a sweat or the bank to express love and happiness to your loved ones. Read on as we share tips to pick the perfect gift for upcoming celebrations.

First things first

While there may be a lot of celebrations to bring gifts for our loved ones, it does not mean that you have to go all out on all the celebrations with expensive gifts to show your appreciation. Sometimes a simple gift will go a long way to express your heartfelt emotions.

The best way to bring gifts that will be appreciated is to check if a registry exists. Since a gift makes lasting impressions than offering loved ones money on special occasions, a party registry helps avoid bringing similar gift items like other merrymakers.

Also, take into consideration the obvious gift items like a cake as this part will already be sorted by the hostess.

Now that we have covered gifts to avoid, let’s delve into the appropriate party gifts!

Serving bowls

Serving bowls are indispensable kitchen utensils; though they are basic items, they are never enough. So, delight your loved one by bringing serving bowls to the party; they will go a  long way in helping the host to serve more snacks and meals to guests and can be reused on future occasions.

Wine bottle

A bottle of wine has and will always be one of the best gifts to bring on many special occasions. It is a versatile gift that you can bring even when you know little about the host. So, if the host does not drink wine, then they will use it for cooking or simply pass it on to loved ones at future celebrations.

Plants and Flowers

It is also wise to bring gifts that will be used for future gatherings and those that will be used on that particular occasion. You can bring a decorative plant gift for your near and dear ones. Since plants are gifts that keep on giving, they will be a part of future party decorations, not forgetting something you all have in common. Also, for gifts everyone at the gathering would enjoy, consider bringing along a bouquet of beautiful flowers nicely arranged in a vase.

Wine Bottle Opener

It’s common to misplace wine bottle openers at gatherings, with many guests and dishes in the kitchen. Thanks to a mindful guest like you, the party will seemingly go well without having to find creative ways to open the special reserved wine bottle for the toast.


With a lot of preparation and different meals to serve guests, it can be challenging for your host to keep going back and forth, searching for small essentials like coasters. So, you can present your loved one with one or two sets of personalised coasters! Take the surprise a step further by having the coasters personalised with the theme of the party.

Personalised Candles

Candles are some of the most common gifts that can easily be bought from local gift stores on your way to the celebration. But, since we are all about gifts that will leave a lasting impression, why not go with personalised candles from online gift stores? You can pick the ideal candle colours, scents, and designs. Take the surprise a step further and opt for event themes.

Place card holders

Be in the heart and mind of your loved ones by presenting them with place card holders that can be used over and again. There are various styled place card designs from which you can choose. The options include marble, ceramic, wooden, and stone finish, to name a few. Remember to bring along blank place cards and felt tip pens to get the ball rolling.

There you have the tips and ideas to bring gifts for your loved ones for upcoming celebrations! Check out a variety of other creative gifts and designs from online gift stores.

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