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Kundali online match or Kundali Milan plays a vital role in marriage. Hindu scriptures place great importance on kundali matching and recommend that everyone get the birth charts of the bride and groom before marriage for long-term happiness and stability. Most of the time we give importance only to gunas and make final conclusions about compatibility based on that. 

However, there are many factors, 8 major and many minor, that play a vital role in the Kundali Milan/Kundali pairing.

We at Astroeshop have created an online kundali matching. This online Kundli matching software is accurate, reliable, and detailed and provides extensive reports. Our kundli takes all factors into account when comparing a chart and offers detailed information on whether the charts are compatible or not.

Our online Kundali Matching software provides the below reports

  • Birth compatibility details
  • Corresponding to Ashtakoota Guna
  • Boy planetary information for compatibility
  • Girl planetary information for compatibility
  • Manglik compatibility, consideration and cancellation report
  • Rajju doshas, Nadi Dosha, Gana Dosha, Vedha Dosha

In every Hindu family, people consult an astrologer before marriage to match the horoscopes of the boy and the girl. It is an old traditional kundali match by date of birth in which the placement of the planet Moon in both horoscopes is take into account. Kundali matching or Kundali Milan plays a vital role in marriage. Hindu texts place great emphasis on accurate kundali matching. Before marriage, they recommend everyone get online Kundali matching for long-term happiness, love, peace and stability.

We give top priority only to gunas in Kundli online Matching. Based on this conclusion, we make the final online Kundali match decisions. However, many factors play a vital role in Kundali Milan / Kundali matching online. To be specific, there are 8 major factors and many minor ones. But with Astroeshop Kundali online matchmaking software for marriage, you can get free Kundali matching services by providing the birth details of the bride and groom. Undoubtedly, it is the best kundali to help you lead a happy and prosperous married life.

Astroeshop kundli online horoscope matching for marriage is accurate, reliable and detailed. Not only this, but it also provides extensive reports on both the Kundalis. While checking the chart, this online Kundli matchmaking software considers all factors and provides detailed information. For example, in the online Kundali Milan report, you can find birth compatibility details, and the bride and groom planetary details for Asktakoota Guna compatibility and matching. 

Apart from this, you can also find some doshas like Vedha Dosha, Gana Dosha, Nadi Dosha and Rajju Dosha in this online Kundali Milan report. Finally, wrap it up by recommending what you can and can’t do.

Astroeshop has the world’s famous astrologer Acharya Indu Prakash Ji. He will do Kundali comparisons online and will give you the report within minutes. Yes, you heard right. So hurry and connect your Kundali now. If you are not getting married, be sure to recommend this online Kundli matchmaking service to those who are!

What does Kundli represent?

We can see the rising sign of the native in the Kundli. Your online Kundali also represents 12 houses. The first house is know as the ascendant and then you can see the other houses counterclockwise.

Houses are fix in Kundli and planetary movements change according to your date of birth and time. Sign placement is also fix in astrology and different planets transit through different signs. However, each sign has distinct features and all 12 houses have different designations for the native’s life.

Looking deeper into the Kundali, each house Kundli represents a specific area of life that shows events and happenings in the native’s life. Based on the analysis, experts can offer detailed predictions of your concerns based on planetary positions and movements.

7 Reasons Why Kundli Matching Is Important?

Marriage is an important event in a person’s life. It is a beautiful relationship that connects two souls for life. It means their entry into a new phase of life, which brings new joys and new responsibilities. In the case of a Hindu marriage, there are many rituals that precede the actual union of two people in marriage. The first step is of course the matching of kundli or love horoscopes. This usually happens in arranged marriages. When one family proposes a marriage alliance to another, the first step is to exchange the birth charts of the boy and girl. This is done to check if their nakshatras or stars are compatible.


The main reason Kundli are match before the matrimonial alliance is fix is to find out how compatible the boy and girl are. In astrology, there are a total of 36 guns that need to be compare to assess the compatibility between two people and what their life together will be like in the future. Each Guna has different points and each point represents a different factor of life. It can also reveal how their stars and destinies will interact. The kundli online assignment also helps to find out whether there will be marital harmony.

Financial stability and career prospects

In the case of two people who marry, the planetary movements marked in their charts affect not only their own lives but also the lives of the other. This effect is indicate by Bhakoot, the seventh of the eight guns. When people connect with Kundli, they also analyze things like financial stability and career prospects.

Problems with offspring

Another important element that is analyze through Kundli matching is the birth of children and their health. The 8th guna, Naadi, carries the most points and indicates the possibility of childbirth or possible problems with conception. Indians place great importance on offspring and childlessness is consider a stigma because children are need to perform the last rites of their parents.

When a child is born, its fate is determine by the position of the stars in the sky at the time of its birth. There are many people who scoff at astrology and say that it is mere superstition. However, astrology is a science and many famous astrologers throughout history have made very accurate predictions about world-shaking events. 

When the stars are not well place, they create doshas or afflictions like Mangal dosha, Sarpa dosha or Shani dosha. These doshas can cause problems after marriage but Kundli matching helps to reveal such doshas. Once they are found in the birth chart, the astrologer will recommend suitable remedies in the form of poojas or certain practices like vrat (fasting), and donations (of food, clothes, grains, ghee etc.) to reduce the harmful effects. However, if the dosha is very severe, marriage will be out of the question.

Health problems

Some people can develop serious health problems that can even be fatal. Many marriages have broken up due to the illness of a partner and the associated financial and emotional problems. It can have a negative impact on the marriage.

Longevity of marriage

Some marriages are not meant to last for some reason. The longevity of marriage can be judged by Kundli online matching. If it turns out that the marriage may not last long, marriage is obviously not recommended.

The lifespan of the partner

Knowing the lifespan of a partner is very important. The untimely death of a spouse can be very traumatic for anyone. Even today, widowhood is stigmatized. However, more than stigma, the loss of a life partner is very painful for a person.

Special Poojas

After matching the kundli online, the astrologer is likely to recommend certain poojas for a successful marriage. Sometimes doshas can be removed by performing certain rituals. Even if the Kundli matches, after a detailed analysis of the birth charts of the bride and groom, certain poojas can be recommended for a happy and peaceful married life.

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