Where Do Ores Generate in Minecraft 1.19? (2023)

Ores Generate in Minecraft 1.19: The recent updates have made huge changes to the terrain generation and the geomes in Minecraft. The distribution of Minecraft ore has also changed.

This updated the guide on Feb25, 2023. Although the distribution of the ore has not changed significantly since the publication of this guide, the information was broken up into multiple sections that provided detailed information about each ore and its importance.

Although this is valuable information, it was not easy to access. This section lists the most suitable levels for each mineral and their ranges. For those who are interested in more information about the minerals, the next sections provide more detail about the ores. Here we will know shared about Minecraft 1.19 Ore Distribution and where more get gold, Daimond, Iron, and Coal, etc

What is Ore Distribution In Minecraft? Minecraft 1.19 Ore Distribution

Before the 1.18 update, Y-12 was the best place to mine for ores. This is not the case anymore, however, Caves and Cliffs Part 2 has drastically altered Minecraft’s ore distributions.

Ores Generate in Minecraft 1.19

Minecraft 1.18 saw ores adopt a triangular distribution pattern. Their spawn rates increase and decrease as players progress up and down the levels. The spawn rate is highest at the middle of an ore’s range, so it is a good place to look for it.

This distribution of ores has not changed since Minecraft 1.19 was released, but it has been clarified by the community.

Now it’s time for you to add enchantments on your pickaxe in Minecraft. Minecraft’s 1.19 Update introduces a number of changes to the underground game world. This inevitably causes a slight shift in the location of the ores.

Although their location has not changed significantly since the 1.18 update, it is difficult to remember the spawn heights for all ores. This guide will cover all of the ore distribution heights and biome-based implications as well as new Minecraft 1.19 changes.

You will still need to have a few extra weapons to mine in this update due to the presence of Warden within some resoure-filled regions. Let’s dive in now. This guide provides details about the distribution of the new ore.

Where Do Ores Generate in Minecraft 1.19?

With the basics covered, let’s get to the real meat of the matter. We will be covering each ore’s specific generation rules as well as the factors that impact them.

We have verified the heights for every ore within Minecraft thanks to developer’s notes. This has not changed since the Caves & Cliffs Part 2 Update, so if you’re familiar with the previous major update, you don’t need to worry.

We’re going to show you where, how high, and what tips you need to find each ore in Minecraft 1.19. To explore them all, you can use the table below.

Ore Y Minimum Range Y Maximum Range Ideal Y-Level
Coal 0 256 90
Copper -16 112 48
Diamond -64 16 -64
Emerald -16 256 224
Gold -64 32 -16
Iron -32 256 16
Lapis Lazuli -64 64 0
Redstone -64 -32 -64


Ores Generate in Minecraft 1.19

The distribution range of coal is very wide, with a starting point at Y level 0 and ending in Y level 256. Note that coal spawns can be affected by air below Y=136. This means caves won’t be good sources of this ore at those lower levels. Because they can easily spawn in the open, mountain biomes are ideal for large amounts of coal. Keep an eye out for cool animals that you can tame while mountain farming coal.

Coal is the main fuel for Minecraft’s furnaces and can be used to make torches. Coal is one of the most essential resources that survivalists should have. It allows them to make firewood, cook, and smelt other minerals. You can substitute it with Charcoal by melting wooden logs, but this is more costly.


For those players who are looking for Iron in the Mountains, Y-level232 is the best choice. Fans that are looking down low should focus their search on Y=16.

Iron, along with coal and wood, is the most valuable resource in the game. As they hunt for Diamond-tier gear, most players will have a complete set of Iron tools and armor. Iron can be used in many crafting recipes. The appearance of the iron has been slightly updated. It is a common ingredient in many crafting recipes. Veteran gamers might be hesitant to stop using it but the majority of standard gamers will still rely heavily on it.


Copper can be found in Y-levels -16 to 112 in all biomes. However, its spawn rate in dripstone caves is much higher. No matter where a player chooses to look for Copper, the level they should aim for is Y=48. Copper must be melted once it has been mined in order to create Copper bars that can be used to make various objects.

Copper is more niche in the game. Copper is not an essential resource, but it can  used to create Copper blocks. These will eventually oxidize and change in color unless players apply wax from honeycombs. You can also use copper to make a spyglass. This is the most useful utility that it offers, as it allows players to zoom in without using OptiFine. Copper can also be used to create lightning rods to protect homes from lightning strikes.


Ores Generate in Minecraft 1.19

While gold can spawn at any Y-level from Y64 to Y32, there are important points to remember. In Minecraft’s badlands biome, Gold cannot appear between Y levels 256 and 32. It can only occur if there is a land that can support it. If players are looking for gold in non-badlands biomes, they should stick with Y-levels 32 to 64. -16 is the best.

It is not an important resource. You can use it to make armor, tools and weapons. However, these are usually very weak and have poor durability. Before you put on Gold gear, check that it does not have the Curse of Binding. However, gold is ideal for trading with Piglins of the Nether. The Nether is a great alternative location for players who want to mine a lot of Gold nuggets. Nine of these can be made into a Gold ingot.


In Minecraft 1.19, diamond appears between Y levels -64 to 16, with Y level -64 being the best place for farming it. Diamonds are the most sought-after resource in Overworld Minecraft. Players will need to craft lots of Diamond gear to be able to upgrade their weapons, armor, and tools into the most powerful Netherite equipment. If you want to defeat the Ender Dragon, it is important that you first farm a lot.

Diamonds are like iron or gold. You can use them to make tools, weapons, or armor of Diamond quality. These are very strong and offer a lot in terms of utility, protection, damage, as well as utility. Diamonds are extremely rare. However, players should find them by mining them with a pickaxe equipped with a Fortune III or Fortune II enchantment to increase their chances of finding them.


Players who are looking for Emeralds in Minecraft will want to stay within the mountain biomes. Y-levels of around 224 act as the most reliable sources. Because Emeralds don’t usually spawn in larger chunks than Diamonds, they are the most rare ore in Overworld.

The currency of Minecraft is the Emeralds. They can be used to trade with any villager, provided they have a job. You can also trade for Emeralds with villager, but it is best to try to find the most Emeralds possible and to mine them with an enchanted pickaxe with Fortune III or II.

7.Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli spawns between Y levels 64 and -64, but not very often. Players can increase their chances of finding this mineral by focusing on Y=0. However, they must also strip mine to do so. The perfect spawn level will appear at ground level for those who build an Ice Boat Track. A single ore block usually drops multiple Lapis Lazuli at once.

Lapis Lazuli can be used to enchant Minecraft items. Because it is so cheap, players can avoid farming Lapis Lazuli. You can use it to access blue dye, but Lapis Lazuli is a purely enchantment currency.


Redstone is found between Y-levels -302 and -302. Redstone spawns most often at Y-level 64. Redstone can  found in large quantities. Players can increase their ability to extract Redstone Dust from one Redstone ore block with Fortune III and Fortune II.

Redstone’s primary function in Minecraft is to create circuitry. Redstone is a power ore, which can be used to create various mechanisms and Redstone bricks. There’s no electricity in Minecraft. It requires a lot of resource management, but it is worth it.

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