Why is wooden moulding essential to make your furniture look more elegant

The right selection of furniture is essential to make your house look sophisticated, elegant, beautiful, and appealing. But, along with selecting the perfect furniture for your home, it is equally essential to opt for wooden moulding to make your furniture look more elegant. In addition to providing your furniture a more structured and valuable look, wooden mouldings can do a few more functions that might seem surprising to you. 

If you are interested, let’s begin with this guide to find out why wooden molding is essential to making your furniture look more elegant. 

What is wooden moulding ? 

Before going any further, it is a must to understand what moulding really is. But, first, let us make it clear that molding and moulding are correct terms; however, moulding is the word used in industries. It is a decorative trim or strip of material with different profiles that generally gets used to coat transitions between several surfaces. Usually, moulding is made from milled wood or plaster. 

You can find wooden moulding at different places in your home. For instance, moulding can be found where the floor of your home meets the walls or the wall meets the roof. Additionally, wooden moulding is also found in various wooden doors or windows of your home where it acts as a transition aspect or just a decorative element. 

Please note that wooden moulding can be made using a single piece as well as by combining multiple wooden pieces to give it a more decorative and beautiful design depending on the requirement. The fundamental and main reason behind wooden moulding is to provide a structural finish to the blank space where two different elements get joined with one another. However, if you want to increase the value and elegance of the furniture of your home, you can also use this technique to not only provide a finish to the furniture but also to make them aesthetically fascinating. In this way, by using the right wooden molding techniques, you can effortlessly elevate the entire look of your home and give it a more appealing, aesthetic, and elegant touch. 

Different types of wooden moulding

When it comes to wooden furniture moldings, there are mainly two types available. The first one is MDF molding, and the second one is called PVC molding. Of the two types of moldings, people around the world are mainly fond of the first one, which is MDF or Medium-Density Fiberboard molding. This type of molding is also divided into multiple parts. Among them, the most used types of Medium-Density Mouldings are:

  • Particle boards 
  • Fiberboards
  • Laminated boards 

MDF molding generally gets used in different places, including bathrooms, kitchens, etc., for its high moisture and damp-resisting capability. In addition, it is great for skirting boards, windows, and other wooden furniture. Most importantly, MDF gets used for making statement pieces that can enhance the elegance of your home. Here are some features of MDF noted below. 

  • Being uniform in size and strength, MDF can be used by molding into many different shapes.
  • It provides better shapes and curves for being naturally curvy.
  • It is highly cost-effective 
  • It is easy to work with this material 

Some other popular types of molding encompass: 

  • Crown molding 
  • Cove molding 
  • Baseboard or skirting 
  • Chair rail 
  • Casing 
  • Corbel

How to use decorative Wooden moulding to enhance the elegance of your home?

As mentioned earlier, wooden moldings can effortlessly improve the overall look and value of your home by providing the right amount of protection and aesthetics to your wooden furniture. The ornamental moldings can be fixed to surfaces with wood adhesives. However, pins, screw fixings, and other instruments are needed to make larger pieces. 

Please note that depending on the wood, size, budget, and other details, you can get your hands on different types of wooden moldings. For instance, these moldings are available in softwoods, including pine, redwood, etc., as well as hardwoods, like oak, ash, cherry, maple, etc. Another fascinating fact about wooden molding is that it can be sealed or not, depending on your preference. Additionally, you can leave the molding as it is to give it a more natural and wooden finish, and on the other hand, you can paint it to make it look fresh and elegant based on your preference.

Some benefits of wooden furniture moulding

There are many benefits you can get from wooden moulding. Along with providing the furniture of your home with a more structured and stable finishing, good wooden molding can handily put together the look of your home. 


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