Why teakwood is the best wood to make doors

Teak wood is the best wood

The wood that has never witnessed a drop in its demand is teak wood. It is the most sought-after wood that is versatile enough to be used indoors as well as outdoors. The heartwood of this deciduous wood has a yellowish hue.It has a high content of natural oil, incredible tensile strength, a tight grain, and is highly workable. Due to its durability, teak is extensively used to manufacture doors, windows, frames, beams, columns, furniture, and other products for residential and commercial purposes. Teak exists in a lot of varieties, like Burmese teak wood, African teakwood, and Indonesian teak wood, among others, depending on their place of origin.  

Let’s discuss the ten brilliant qualities that teak wood reflects as the most important wood in the wood industry. 

  • External Appearance

As the first impression of your house or workplace, doors must look sturdy, classy and elegant at the same time. Teak wood possesses a unique charm because of its external features and texture. Its natural oil contributes to its appearance as teak reflects lustre naturally. Moreover, the range of shades that teak offers lie between dark maroon and burnt umber, suggesting a deeper Burnt Sienna. 

  1. Dimensionally-Stable
    A common cause of worry is the bloating of doors during monsoons, which is why you are unable to shut them properly. And only an ill-seasoned wood can result in such structural instability. But with its moisture content is dried up. And since it is a well-seasoned wood, its original shape and form remain intact despite the season. To keep such worries at bay, buy genuine teak wood
  • High Compatibility

The door has to be equipped with various accessories, like latches, handles, bars, etc., to fasten and lock the door, all of which mostly come in metal. The corroded metal can possibly harm the wood, eventually destroying the whole piece of furniture. However, this is unlikely to happen in this case  Because of its high durability and suitable working mechanism, it goes along well with metal accessories.  

  • Strong and Sturdy

Teak wood is one of the best hardwoods in the market, meaning it possesses excellent strength and resistance to pressure. Not to mention that hardwoods are preferable to softwoods. For rugged daily use, teak wood tops even the list of hardwoods.  

  • Pest-Resistant

Well-seasoned and sturdy wood like teak wood can easily weather pest attacks and termite and is resistant to other kinds of infestation. This is because teak contains oil in its filaments. This helps the wood’s internal structure knock down white ants and insects. This property, in turn, considerably increases its lifespan. 

  • Durable as a Door
    This timber is used for a variety of purposes like the construction of ships, bridges, and other types of exterior furniture. This is because teak can resist any kind of weather and is also defiant to alkaline and acidic substances. Due to this reason, the wood also does not catch stains and blemishes easily. Thus, teak wood gives you no reason to worry whatsoever. 
  • Moisture-Resistant
    Elements that could possibly deteriorate the strength of wood are rain, wind, sunlight, etc. But, when it comes to teak wood, there are no insecurities as the composition of teak wood contains oil, which is averse to water, thereby maintaining the strength of the material. 
  • Exceptional Workability

If you have a keen interest in designing furniture, do not hesitate to use your skills, as artisans can efficiently work upon teak. Even teak wood’s online market includes a lot of design varieties, some of them being even hand-curved. And this wood can be sawn according to the desired measure without posing any problem. 

  1. Low Maintenance 

Teak wood comes with an easy cleaning and maintenance technique as it looks well and has a natural sheen, even if it is repetitively slammed when used as a door. In addition, this type of wood darkens with age, and this protects the wood from external conditions.

  • Perfect for All Seasons

Wood is an excellent insulator which means it has the ability to keep your indoors warm during winters and cool during summers. This is why wood has the edge over other types of materials like steel, glass, etc. Perhaps this is the right time for you to switch to wood of top-notch quality, like teak wood. 

In conclusion, nothing can beat the aesthetic appeal of a real hardwood like teak wood. Moreover, you can always experiment with your teakwood door design, like multi-paneled or glass-paneled doors. Thanks to teak’s incredible versatility that it can undergo any transformation for artistic virtual shapes and designs. This, in combination with other reasons, is what makes teak the most preferred wood. You can get in touch with reliable teak wood suppliers like FaithLumber, known for providing only real wood.  

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